Podiatric Surgery & Therapy
Wart Treatment

Warts are a contagious virus that requires treatment.

Chemical cautery eliminates warts by causing a gentle chemical burn using a variety of medications. A blister will form inside the skin cells and through cell walls of the affected skin cells, destroying the viral tissue so it cannot continue to spread. With chemical cautery, it is possible to destroy both the wart and the virus that causes it to grow.

Reasons for treatment

Over-the-counter medications are sometimes successful at treating warts on the hands but on the foot where the skin is thicker, warts require more  aggressive treatment. Chemical cautery is a standard treatment for warts and can be performed in a series of brief office visits.

How chemical cautery of warts is performed

The entire process lasts about 10-15 minutes and recovery is rapid.  Dr. Siegel will gently remove any dead tissue on the surface of the wart and then apply a small amount of an acid. The procedure is painless and patients return home with instructions for home care.  Chemical cautery rarely leaves any scars; however, there may be some slight discoloration in the treated area. It is usually necessary to repeat treatment several times at 2 week intervals to completely eradicate the wart.

It is important to follow-up with your physician to monitor regrowth of the wart and address any complications that may arise from treatment.